Before someone can determine the actual costs of relocation, it is important to identify all of the relevant expenditures. This procedure is as personal as each specific move and can hardly be summarized in a sweeping statement.

However, don’t be dissuaded: transport costs can be calculated. For example, by obtaining an obligation free quotation from a moving company. But who wants to use all their personal savings while changing residence? Not me. That’s why it pays to grab a pen, pad, and calculator at hand before you do

Cost savings can be obtained in common renovation tasks such as obtaining cardboard boxes, car rental and getting a couple of hours help from your friends. By comparing the current providers of moving services, a heap of money can be saved, in addition to considering a selection of home utility providers.

The most important saving tips we have listed below.

Electricity and gas

When relocating many of us, of course, looking for potential savings. And it is particularly advantageous when a large scale costs can be saved. This can be, for example, when you choose the electricity provider for your new apartment. Additionally, changing your current provider won’t hurt a bit, yet fail to consider alternative options for their new house. Unfortunately, many will leave these potential savings by the wayside.

Costs incurred when relocating typically extend to your furniture transport provider. Here you can save an absolute mint, especially when you are prepared to source quotes from different companies. Without the support of the internet, this has not always been easy. For this reason, it pays to search for your local forums too, since this is where many companies advertise their services.

The type of housing you prefer

You can consider saving money on your actual accommodation. Here you have, for example, the choice of whether you are looking for with the help of a broker, or whether you conduct a search on your own. Agents usually charge a commission, which is typically two months rent of the selected apartment.

This commission can save you when you look around independently in the housing market and on commission-free apartments respects. This is considerably in urban areas more difficult than in more rural regions. Provisions free apartments can be found on internet portals, classified ads in regional newspapers, as well as bulletin boards in universities, supermarkets and on social networks.

Find cheaper alternatives on fixed costs

The monthly rent of a house should not exceed your financial means. It must be noted that in addition to rent, each house has various costs, such as electricity, gas, and power. But here is, again, an opportunity to shave costs. Moving is a good opportunity to compare different electricity suppliers and possibly change to a better provider. Likewise, you can save by comparing the costs of services on the internet or over the phone. Here it is worth your time if obtaining a new provider is cheaper.

Likewise, you can save by comparing the costs of services on the internet or over the phone. Here it is worth your time if obtaining a new provider is cheaper.

Some telecommunications companies charge a one-time setup fee for a new telephone connection. Other providers may waive this connection fee for new customers. However, this one-time payment should not be the sole decisive: The selected tariff has to match your own phone habits, frequent callers may need to consider alternative pricing than infrequent users.


For your financial planning, rental cost should be included. All of these costs generally exceed one-third of your net income. Among the total fixed living costs, you should include gas, water, electricity, heating and your monthly expenses for the internet, landline phone, mobile phone, newspaper and pay-TV subscriptions.

Ways to save while doing the move yourself

Moving with a professional moving company is always the more expensive option, compared with doing it yourself with a few helpers. However, the retention of a moving company also has advantages that can not be dismissed out of hand: Keep in mind that any damage caused by professional movers will be insured. And last but not least, having professionals involved removes any stress which could be placed on your friends while they are moving your expensive furniture.

To ensure some savings when recruiting professional help, seek some early quotations from different moving companies, and compare their price with their service offering. Local forwarders are usually slightly cheaper than large, national companies. For a quick, non-binding comparison, you can also use relocation portals on the internet and other websites that offer relocation actions. This  will provide you with an opportunity to place your business with the lowest bidder.

Calculating costs

Here are some of the most important tips for saving removal costs:
  1. Find a suitable moving company as early as possible. To snag bargains, you need to get in quick
  2. If an offer seems low, then reserve it. This applies to both moving truck at car rental companies, as well as craftsmen and moving helpers
  3. Complete your spring cleaning before you move. Your amount of household effects transported will affect the price that you pay
  4. Tidy your old apartment to ensure a smooth handover
  5. Avoid double payments to providers or suppliers of energy and internet. Transfer and reuse existing assets, such as routers, where possible
  6. Deposit your returned bond straight into the bank. Instant savings
  7. Take advantage of all tax benefits on relocation costs and possibly ask your employer for help

By talking with your friends ahead of time, you should look that the various car rental companies together and compare in advance. Even when packaging material can save money, get onto it. For example, you can save a bundle by purchasing boxes online.

If there are craft and renovations to perform, speak with a trusted handyman. If you don’t know one personally, you may locate them on online craft auctions, whereby the customer places the work for auction to the lowest bidder.

Save when buying furniture

New furniture can be expensive. Here you should make a plan of the necessary purchases and arrange them in order of importance. A fitted kitchen or a washing machine certainly has a higher priority than shelves or a new consumer electronics item.

At flea markets or through private classified ads, you can find other make bargains in the form of used furniture. You can also sell your own, unused household item. You can also by cheap new furniture from Ikea or direct from local manufacturers.

Fully equipped kitchens are a big cost factor – theoretically, of course, if the house is already equipped with a fitted kitchen or your landlord implement this for you, against an advance payment to the outgoing tenant. If this is impossible, you can always consider visiting a furniture store, and ask them if you can purchase an ex-demo kitchen, which is often subject to a significant price reduction.

Electrical appliances can also be purchased at low prices. To save money in the long term, energy efficiency should be considered to ensure an effective and environmentally friendly lifespan. Characterized with stars, the more the better: usually with five being the highest.

Tax deductions

Save moving expenses by using as many as possible as tax deductions. These deductions can apply to any activity which the tenants themselves contribute as minor renovations. To see what specific deductions can apply to you, speak to your local trusted accountant.

Full-service postal brokers

Changing your address is a troublesome thing, after arranging into your new apartment. A few shipping issues can be solved quite easily, saving you time and effort. Speaking to your old post office about mail forwarding is worth while. The post office will take your old mail and send it on to your new address, complying with the strict privacy policies in place.



To realize the full savings potential, you should deal with various service providers in a timely manner. Additionally, you should already be thinking about your individual needs in advance of your move to France. So, by arranging the method of your move, either professionally or by friends, either option you’ll be able to get a good bang for your buck

Especially in the electricity and telecommunications space, a thorough analysis of your needs is essential in order for you to find the best provider. A realistic list of your financial objectives and time frame should, therefore, be the basis on which you can plan your personal, optimized relocation.

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