If your move to France is pending, a lot of forward planning is required. In addition to completing a range of formalities, such as applying for you mail to be re-routed at the post office, registering in your new neighborhood, notifying your intentions with the landlord, as well as minor repairs – brushing, re-wallpapering etc. – the move itself will a logistical challenge.

Below, I explore two ways of moving apartment.

Rounding up friends and family

There are two ways for you to organize the move. Either, you do it privately with the help of friends and acquaintances, or you can rent yourself a van to transport your furniture and personal belongings. Otherwise, you might consider commissioning a moving company to take over the whole process.

If you want to do everything yourself, you should be sure to book a transport van in advance, because there is nothing is more annoying than learning on the day of the move that no suitable vehicle is available. Having no means of completing your move is certainly one way to start your experience on the wrong foot. Under most circumstances, can cause big problems, not just for the physical move, but also for picking up your new keys to the apartment.

Considering these factors, long-term planning is absolutely essential if you want to move. This also applies to the finding friends and family to help you on your way, because when you move you’ll certainly appreciate their help. Furthermore, it would be beneficial to make it clear in advance who is driving the van, because the van will handle differently with a full load compared to an empty one.

Professional removalists

The second and much simpler method is to hire a moving company. After you have spent the time rummaging through far-reaching offers for apartments in France, and your dream home has been found, the last thing you want to worry about is transportation. With a moving company, you can be certain that everything will run smoothly, and you won’t need to worry in advance about a whole bunch of things that you would have too if you were doing it yourself.

When taking advantage of professional relocation services, you can also be sure that all the furnishings – such as plants, vases, and photo frames – are expertly packed, and should something be broken, you’ll be insured for the damage. Particularly practical is the fact that the moving company not only provides all the boxes for transport to your new apartment but also unpacks this furniture for you. The end result, a really fast set-up in a short amount of time!

Image by otakuchick / CC BY

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