Hiring a truck to help you transport your furnishings is usually only part of the steps it takes to move to a new house or apartment. If you move, you have to deal with several things at once. Not every home is readily prepared for a move straight away, so you have to be sure to grab all your things before you can throw it on a truck and get on your way.

Many people will also have apartment pre-prepared color and wallpaper free. After all, this has the advantage you, as the new tenant, can customize the design completely. Here we would like to summarise the equipment and services you might like to rent to provide relocation assistance.

Moving equipment for rent

The most important component of moving furniture is, of course, the moving truck. Which transporter is the most suitable for which relocation? What is its volume and is it sufficient for carrying even your biggest items? With a relocation calculator, offered by almost any rental car company these days, you can determine which van is going to suit your needs best.

The distance from your old house in the Netherlands to your new place in France should be considered in the selection of the model in the rental truck. It is often worthwhile, to borrow from the rental truck agency closest to your old apartment, to maintain efficiency and reduce travel times. This way, not only do you go easy on your wallet, but also does your little bit to improve the environment and make the world a better place.

In addition, many truck rental companies provide you with easy access to packaging services, which can potentially save you much time that would be otherwise consumed smuggling boxes and furniture through narrow corridors. Ideally, you should look to book this when you arrange your van. Also, consider packing blankets or lashing, to ensure that everything remains in place on your drive to the final location.

Rent drive-yourself trucks to get the job done

For preparing your new French apartment, you can source a range of tools from technical services providers which aim to make your life easier; anything from cleaning materials and gardening goods, through to kitchen equipment and step ladders. Throwing these in your car is not ideal, that’s why using a rental van with a higher roof is a much better idea. This arrangement is perfect, for example, using high-pressure cleaners for blasting the walls and for effective cleaning of tiled floors.

Renting cleaning equipment is an easy solution too

Once the relocation truck is unloaded, and you’ve accommodated the content of the boxes back into their rightful place, your old apartment must be prepared for the handover to the landlord. Usually, you can learn from the lease whose obligation it is to do this. Otherwise, you should bring the landlord to experience its condition, as a precursor to passing the apartment back into their custody. You may be able to get away with leaving the wallpaper on, but it is also possible that you have to repaint the apartment.

A cleaning of carpets is needed everywhere. For this, you can hire a suitable professional cleaning service. This is possible for hours at a time and for days if required, depending on the size of the house. Ideally, you should only need to pay the cleaners for time undertaken cleaning your apartment, in addition to any call our fee or traveling costs they incur.

For all questions around the truck renting and apartment cleaning, refer to this website, or dozens of others that can offer you helpful advice for your move to France.

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